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Dear friends, benefactors and compatriots…

Czerkasy is at the moment the capital of the province with 280 000 inhabitants. It`s the only capital of the province without its own church, it has only a small chapel converted from a bungalow which can house only 70 people.

There was a Catholic chapel before 1924. Saint Nicolaus Chapel was liquidated by the Russian Central Executive Committee for the Czerkasy Province with the Act number 35 from 19th April 1924. In this way the Catholic chapel in Czerkasy shared the lot of so many other churches liquidated and razed to the ground in the area of the Soviet Union. Today there is no trace of  Saint Nicolaus Chapel as well as of other Catholic churches – other buildings were built instead of them.

Rebirth of Religious Life After 1991

The rebirth of religious life in Czerkasy became possible after 1991 when the Ukraine regained its independence. It was then when first priests began to come to Czerkasy and they held services in rented halls and private houses.

 The Annunciation Parish was officially founded by Kiev- Zhytomir bishop Jan Purwiñski on 26th April 1997.

In December 1998 a bungalow in 22 Pionierska Street was bought and was adapted as a temporary chapel. In this chapel services are held till today.

Leon Lipiecki has been a parish priest since 6th June 2004 and has decided to take pains to build a church in Czerkasy.

For many years the parish had been trying to obtain a place and permission to build the church. Our little community ( about 200 people) had been praying for this long and persistently. God heard our prayers and in May of 2012 such permission and place were granted. Last year (2015) Janusz Frej- an engineer from £ód¼ in Poland prepared plans of the future church ( the project can be viewed at It is a small sacral complex with a presbytery and all the priestly facilities.


At this very moment everything has to be done in the chapel. There is no religious instruction classroom. Religious instruction classes, Polish classes, meetings…everything takes place in the chapel. 2 priests live on the 7th floor in a block of flats next to the chapel. The conditions are very hard. Such a little community is not able to cope with the great undertaking of building the church. Generosity of our parishioners cannot be denied ! They literally scrimp and save to maintain us, their priests. However, the situation of the Ukraine is well known to you, I think. It can be said that starting building the church in the present conditions is pure craziness! But how many God`s works were begun in much worse conditions ? We cannot wait any longer either. We decide to undertake this ``craziness``. It is the act of evangelization of Czerkasy which were under the Communist influence for a long time.

That is why we ask all the goodwill people in the country and abroad for help!

Please send this appeal to your friends and other priests, share it on your Facebook profiles etc.

The parish website:, on there are some pictures of our community.

Here are the bank accounts where the money can be sent:


Parafia Blahovishchenya Hospodnyoho

SWiFT banku:  PBANUA2X

konto EURO:  UA 9835 4347 0000 0260 0605 1523 371


Transfer title: ofiara na budowê ko¶cio³a w Czerkasach

In case of any questions you can contact us on the address below:

Every day in the chapel we pray for our benefactors and donors before the Holy Mass  saying the Rosary and the prayer which can be found below.

We write down the names of our benefactors and donors in a special Book of Donors.


Prayer for Donors

God our Father only you are good- the source of all good. We thank you for all the benefactors of our parish. Their good deeds are a sign of Your love to us. Help them and give them the necessary graces so they could get to know You- the Good Father- fully.

You who live and reign forever and ever. Amen.


For every, even the smallest, subscription donated for building our church, we say hearty and Old- Polish



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